Ultimate K-9

2 Week

Basic Board and Training

Price: $2,000

The Basic Board and Train Program is a family orientated training program were your pet is exposed to 24/7 to family life style at our center. The Ultimate Center is designed to give your family pet a positive start to family life while removing bad habits and reinforcing positive daily routine atmosphere.

Staffed 24 hours a day with family life interactions: playing, working and resting together. This program covers all of the basic commands: Heel, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Wait, and Recall. We address behavior issues that you may have with your dog, such as jumping, barking, aggression, and more.

This is a two week minimum Board & Train Program with 3 hour owner/trainer transition sessions.

3 Week

Ultimate Board and Train with Behavior Modification

Price: $2,900

This Ultimate Board and Train Program was designed for those pets that need more than basic obedience on the leash and in the home. Your pet will learn how to walk properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing or reacting to dogs or distractions. We work to eliminate bad behaviors such as jumping up on people and countertops. We work on Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place Command and Recall Training with and without distractions. We encourage dog to dog socialization and proper social, play and greeting skills with other dogs.

This is a great enrichment program for pets that have gone through other training programs and have not succeeded. With positive reinforcement, we will bring your dog to the proper leashed trained level we expect from our own dogs.
This program is not designed to eliminate dogs with anxiety/fear/aggression though we work on that on a daily basis from the time your pet is dropped off. This is also not a program designed to eliminate aggression with dogs or humans but know that we will endeavor to lay the foundation for non-aggressive behavior. This is not an off leash training program but helps lay the foundation for future off leash work.

This is a three week minimum Board & Train Program with 5 hour owner/trainer transition sessions.

Board and Training